Coloring books

made for adults

and loved by kids!

Simple, easy and bite-size coloring for the busy adult!

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Helping you create

A Brighter Year,

one moment at a time!

Perfect for a little mindfulness moment when you need one. Thank you!

The perfect gift for busy people that love to color!! I bought these for all of my co-workers this year and got one for myself as well! The pages are nice and thick, so markers don’t bleed into the next page. The graphics are adorable and I love the concept of coloring a little each day. Shipping was super fast and FREE, which you can’t beat!!

Loving my coloring calendar from A Brighter Year! Definitely my best self-care purchase in a while.

A great way to start/end each day in thoughtful reflection. I am excited for this calendar to begin. Thank you for the fast shipping and thorough communication.

I bought this for my entire family, and we all love them. My 13 year old has ADHD and struggles with anxiety and even asked if he could take one to his next therapy appointment because it helps him relax when talking to his therapist! Thanks for doing what you do! Customer for life!!

These are so cute and simple! Super relaxing to color and not too overwhelming like all the other coloring books!

I knew I would love these and indeed I’m obsessed. Great stress relief between work calls and simple enough I feel accomplished and not overwhelmed.

These work well with my adhd and are so calming. I love them.